Ethics And Ethics Of Engineering Ethics

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Abstract—The following paper addresses the importance of engineering ethics as it pertains to the health, safety, and well-being of not only individuals but society. By beginning with the root needs of engineering ethics by first discussing its history and then moving on to how unethical choices can and have had a deadly impact on communities. Once a basis is established the document states the core fundamentals, instructions, and responsibilities of engineering ethics.
What is engineering ethics and what is its importance? To answer the first question let’s define what having ethics entails. Having ethics requires an individual or organization to believe, instill, and represent a system of moral behavior and values. Engineering ethics in turn are the moral practices and principles applied to the field of engineering.
To understand the importance of engineering ethics, look first at its history and why it began. Knowing its history helps you understand the significance of the three canons that make up the foundation of engineering ethics, the rules implemented and the professional responsibilities of professional engineers. In addition to understanding the history, instances will be given of catastrophic events that occurred because individuals and/or organizations implemented poor engineering ethics.
As additional mandates are introduced into the engineering field, it becomes more likely that there will be individuals who will…

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