Ethics And Ethics Of Ethics Essay

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In this essay, I will consider several popular theories discussed by well-known philosophers that will help me decide ethical dilemma. The situation is that one of my coworker has been using work-place resource to run personal side-business. She tells me a convincing story of personal adversity and struggling to get ahead, and ask to meet next day to talk about. About the same time, I receive and email reminding all employees that the work place ethics code forbids using work-place resources for personal financial profit. To make ethically right decision in this ethical dilemma, I will focus on the philosophers’ standpoint and reasoning of ethics of care, ethics of justice, utilitarian ethics and universal principle to analyze the situation. In this tough situation, my conclusion is that I will not report this action to the higher authority although she is violating work place ethics code. I will provide my reasoning why I will not report this to the higher authority in this essay. Before I make any decision and report this to higher authority, I will use ethics tests to construct an effective decision. There are steps on making ethical decisions. First, the viral test, what happens if I report this? Would this make a headline news? Would this news negatively impact the reputation of the company? Even though her action is obliviously violating professional ethics, it is important to consider some what ifs before jumping to the conclusion. If this make it to the news, I

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