Ethics And Ethics Of Plastic Surgery

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Professionalism and Ethics in Plastic Surgery The subject of ethics has been one for the ages. Since man could think and reflect on his state, the question of right and wrong has been contemplated. Bioethics is a relatively young field, only beginning to develop institutionally and professionally in the late 1960s and 1970s. Nevertheless, this field has grown exponentially over these past decades and will continue to develop in conjunction with the advancement of medicine, science, and biotechnology In an article published in the November 2009 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Chung et al published “A systematic review of ethical principles in the plastic surgery literature”, and by doing so reviewed and categorized all the…show more content…
These categories included patient informed consent (32 percent), facial allotransplantation (19 percent), and resource rationing and managed care (7 percent). The research revealed a substantial gap in the amount of ethical inquiry in plastic and reconstructive surgical literature. Unfortunately, the lack of a standardized ethics curriculum in most training programs might be attributed to why there is a lack of a concrete understanding regarding what is considered behavior appropriate to the practice of plastic surgery. This is further reflected in the paucity of data and literature that exists on this topic. It’s only recently that research and published literature has begun to emerge on this key issue at the core of shaping the professional landscape we hope to cultivate as plastic surgeons. Despite the complex ethical dilemmas plastic surgeons face, it is uncertain whether ethical principles are adequately presented in the plastic surgery literature. Studies have shown that there is a disproportionately small amount of ethical content in this sub specialties’ literature. The concept of professionalism is synonymous with ethical behavior and is part of the six core competencies, presented as such in the literature relating to this topic. Maintenance of the highest ethical and moral standards within the practice of plastic surgery and medicine in general

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