Ethics And Ethics Of Religion

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If you pick up a paper or magazine today most of the articles contain topics involving religion in the workplace or religion in the US military. It is hard for any Air Force member to go throughout their career without having to deal with religion in the workplace as a trending topic. “After entering the 21st century religion in the workplace has impacted not only schools, most major cooperation’s” (Ludolph, R. C., & Wolfe, A. A. (2013) , but the United States military across all the branches of the uniform service. In this paper I will be using two ethical theories and one ethical perspective to persuade you into believing that religion has a place in not only in today’s military but in every cooperate workplace or simply argue the facts that religion does not have a place in today’s society . I will prove how the ethical issues impact religion in the workplace and what constitutes virtuous or ethical behavior when in come to religion in the military and civilian workplace.

“There was a time when people just didn’t discuss religion in polite company” (Ludolph, R. C., & Wolfe, A. A. 2013). Today, public expression of religious beliefs and practice fill the work centers and offices across the country and the military bases overseas. “All branches of the United States military are afforded the same rights to religious freedom as are American civilians. However, members of the Armed Forces willingly surrender on a temporary basis certain free exercise rights when it impinges…
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