Ethics And Ethics Of The Law

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Ethics is the study of choices human beings make regarding what is right and wrong. And without Ethics, there will be no law, because law is enacted by one or more people coming to a decision on what is right and wrong. Though new circumstances can arise and law can be revised, but this is usually based on new insight, modification or more understanding. What is desirable or morally acceptable in some religions, cultures and societies might be a part of what is accepted by law, but that does not mean that, what they believe will be a total consideration for appropriateness of the law, just like in the second dilemma, where a child’s custody was taken from parents. The decision is based on Ethics (right and wrong), which made the law. And in helping us solve and apply that law, we look at the three primary school of ethics; Deontological theories (Duty based), Consequentialist theories (ends based) and Care-Based theories (care based). The main focus of Ethics is the moral situation in which human beings choose the qualities of their behavior and values regarding what are accepted as good and desirable. Just like in the case of drug addiction and child custody.
The first dilemma can be solved using deontological theories; a theory which is based on duties and rights. By Ethics and law, the parents fail in their duties as parents in taking of their child, because parents with drug addiction by law and Ethics will be regarded incapable of taking care of a child. And this, the…

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