Ethics And Its Impact On Society

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This has been a fantastic class; ethics is something that we use continuously throughout the day. It challenges us at the very core of who we are and what we believe. We have seen that almost all disciplines in life from philosophers, educators and employers have been struggling to explain what defines us as human beings. Ethics is one of those disciplines that always seems to elude to having it all figured-out only to be challenged with a new set of problems. While most people want to adhere to an absolute truth, the problem is the lines are always shifting. What was considered ethical a hundred years ago, would now be considered barbaric by today’s standards.

Having done a junior college level ethics class, the terms and methodologies were a little familiar, but these are still difficult concepts to interpret. The videos that went along with each module were very well done. The videos for the class did help make the clarification of the various ethical theories a little easier to understand. The different links to article for further reading also helped immensely. As for perplexing moments, it just required additional reading and some goggle searches for other examples. The discussion boards are really where the rubber hits the road, due to such a diverse group of people it always made the interaction exciting. While people may not always agree with one another’s philosophies, this truly is what real life is all about.

As for the proudest accomplishment for this
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