Ethics And Law Of Business And Society

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Kristina Buenrostro
Ethics and Law in Business and Society
Section 24
October 16, 2014

Hartman, E. (2006). Can We Teach Character? An Aristotelian Answer. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 5(1), 68-81


My review of this article intends to determine whether the author proved if character can be thought or not. The article’s title which is upon assessment is “Can We Teach Character? An Aristotelian Answer” by Edwin M. Hartman from Rutgers University. In this article, Hartman narrates the process needed to determine if character can be taught to individuals. He defines ethics and values; utilizes Aristotle’s teachings and ideas to attest his point; and ties it in with business ethics. The article’s purpose is to establish how people’s characters form and decipher whether people’s moral fiber can be manipulated once it has been instituted. I have evaluated this article to have proven its point efficiently since it provides ample evidence and constantly includes Aristotle’s position on the issue. It was easy to comprehend and was also integrated with scholarly examples.

Background Information

The article comes from the research journal Academy of Management Learning and Education. Throughout the article, Edwin M. Hartman uses the Enron fiasco as evidence of individuals with bad character and immoral values. For this article to be included in this journal, it would have pertain to business and perhaps specifically to management; the piece indeed does
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