Ethics And Legality Of The Strategy 3

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Ethics and Legality of the Strategy 3
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Executive Summary
The case illustrates the ethical dilemma Lopez faces during her tenure in Imatari- an ecommerce startup company that developed ecommerce businesses either by buying out or by imitating the plan from other players. Lopez a fresh Harvard business graduate faces a deadlock between ethical values and professionalism while working at imatari. Since the company have severe Human resource practices and business strategy, Lopez has to decide whether to pursue he career with the organization or not.
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Lopez on joining the company,
Ethics and Legality of the Strategy
Imatari, is a Dubai based ecommerce business headed by plamo. The company imitates the business model of the other existing business models and operates under Grey marketing strategy. The business model as whole is illegal as, copying of the business model is adhered to copyright and imitating the model without concerns exposes the company to legal allegation.
In addition to this, Imatari has weak Human resource department and organizational structure. There is no hierarchy and job roles, which makes people non-liable for any action taken to pursue the work. Also due to weak or absence of human resource policies, the company fires and shuts down the operations and employees without any prior notice. This makes the company liable to lawsuit because, of the unethical practice to fire the employees without any prior notice. However it also depict the cultural and organizational value of the company which is making profits at all cost that shapes the human resource practices of the company and allows it to shut down the business if turns to be non-profitable. Since the company practices such policies and rules, it started conflicting with the mindset and ethical values which Lopez has developed
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