Ethics And Moral Reasoning Of The Dalai Lama

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In today 's world, the role of technology has become primal and a necessity in our daily lives. In The Dalai Lama, we are able to see the astounding capabilities that the new technological advancements are able to do. However, to only a certain extent are these advancements beneficial, as these improvements can as well lead to serious matters in regards to our system of ethics and moral reasoning. By being able to establish a limit on the use of these advancements, it is possible to create a balance between the benefits of the technological improvements and being able to maintain a system of global ethics. The role of genetic manipulation, cloning and selection of traits all have potential in providing humanity with assistance in making daily living an unchallenging asset. Genetic manipulation has benefited the human race on a exceptional level, the ability of genetically manipulating foods creates a world filled with food. Many of the fruits and foods we eat daily have already been genetically manipulated, pg (133) " Seedless watermelons, apples that have longer shelf lives, wheat and other grains that are immune to pests when growing in the field..." By genetically manipulating foods, we are able to increase the amount of time foods and fruits have as well as making them easier to eat. The technological advancements also enables there to be more food production. The Dalai Lama states pg. (133) "It is now possible to create new breeds of plants with far higher yields and

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