Ethics And Moral Standards Of An Individual

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Ethical Considerations in Advanced Practice Kristin Curcione Daemen College Ethics scrutinizes actions and moral standards of an individual. Many times, the answer is unclear or has no specific course of action when one is confronted with an ethical dilemma. An ethical decision may guideline directed but may impinge on another or the action may be permissible but unethical. Ethical dilemmas arise in almost every profession, and in the medical field, there is integration of both ethical principle and legal principles. One ethical theory used in the medical realm developed by English philosophers Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill is utilitarianism or has also been known as consequentialism (Mizzoni, 2010). The theory…show more content…
In correlation with utilitarianism theory, the ethical principle of justice can be associated. This concept is one of the cornerstone ethical principles founded in medical practice. The principle denotes the patient be given fair access to needed therapies (Holmvall, Twohig, Francis, & Kelloway, 2012). Healthcare clinicians should avoid causing harm to their patients when determining treatment pathways, but should also offer all available options and allow autonomy for the patient to decide. A theoretical study conducted by Kangasniemi, M. (2010) discussed the application if equality as a key element requiring consideration in nursing research through a systematic review of literature. The study discovered that despite the complexity in understanding this concept, it still remains absent from clinical practice. It suggests that equality and fairness should play an essential role in providing nursing care to patients by means of offering fair treatment and equal availability of health services. Ethical decisions arise in daily practice as medical staff is often challenged to make life altering decisions for a patient. Recently, a male patient in his early 60’s was seen in the congestive heart failure clinic following his discharge from the hospital a few days prior. After thorough review of his medical history over the past year, he had been hospitalized twelve times with atrial
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