Ethics And Morality Are The Same Thing

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When discussing ethics, people often think ethics and morality are the same thing. But in order to understand ethical leadership, it can be beneficial to view these two concepts differently.
One of the most important ethical philosophers of modern times has been John Rawls, who made a clear distinction between comprehensive moral systems and less comprehensive systems. The distinction can help better understand the idea of ethical leadership.
To Rawls, the two differ in the following manner:

• Comprehensive moral systems cover not just one’s behaviour, but also bigger issues such as where one’s place is in the universe. These moral systems would include the world’s religions, for example.
• Less comprehensive moral systems would only cover areas of politics, social, and economics.

Therefore, morality is generally based on much broader set of values and beliefs. These can or cannot be logically coherent. Whereas ethics is based on social norms, following coherent philosophical principles. Nonetheless, morality can form a basis for ethical leadership, such as ethical leadership.

The modern context of ethical leadership

Ethical leadership is essentially a leadership theory, which uses the above ethics concepts as a guide to managing subordinates. Since ethics deals with the principles of ‘right’ behaviour and leadership with influencing other people to achieve goals, ethical leadership is influencing people through ethics.
The rise of ethical leadership can be traced back…

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