Ethics And Morals Are An Incredibly Personal Thing

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Ethics and morals are an incredibly personal thing. There are several influences that mold and shape the moral and ethics self that a person is to become. Parents, teachers, friends, enemies, siblings, stories and experiences are just a few of the major influences on who a person might become, morally and ethically. It’s these influences that are so important to grow and develop. Based on these influences there may be an exquisite outcome of a moral and just person. However, there may be adverse effects based on the influences where the moral judgement may be flawed in a person. This will be an examination of my personal ethics and how I have come to see myself based on the experiences of my upbringing and how this class has made me view…show more content…
There was also a large focus on being sure and never wholly trusting our mother. My father’s influence is what developed my egoistic tendencies. Egoism is useful for self-preservation.
My mother had a significant influence on me. She was a drug addict who was in and out of jail for the majority of my childhood. There were sporadic instances where she was a part of my life but for the most part it was mostly my father, sister and I. I believe my experiences I had with my mother gave me an example of what not to be as a person. My mother was incredibly selfish and seemingly had no regard for anyone but for herself. So much that when she was alone doing drugs she introduced her lifestyle to my older sister. This forced her to follow in my mother footsteps of addiction and jail hopping.
There is one experience that is the largest and most influential. When I was riding in my mother’s car, she took me to go purchase drugs. This seems downright awful and it absolutely is. However, she took the time to have me hide in the back of her car on the floor covered in a blanket to shield me from what was happening. There are several ethical and moral issues with this situation. My mother had two priorities; my well-being and a need to feed her addiction. She chose to protect me from something she knew was morally wrong instead of be completely selfish and subjecting me to that sight. My mother had a constant need for
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