Ethics And Morals Are Profoundly Linked Essay

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Some may consider the answer to this dilemma is dependent on one’s personal perspective: either the company relinquishes all responsibility upon completion of the sales transaction with the buyer or else the company will always maintain some level of ethical obligation since it introduced the device to society. A justified answer is predicated on the operational definition of this philosophical concept. Ethical responsibility is the norms and expectations of stakeholders and shareholders concerning a moral sense of honesty and fairness beyond legal requirements and time constraints (Zuba-Ciszewska, 2016). Ethics and morals are profoundly linked. Based on Manuel Velasquez’s (chair of the Santa Clara University Management Department) assessment, moral responsibility is contingent on obligation, duty, or culpability and exists when an agent or party knowingly causes harm that could have been prevented (Federwisch, 2015). Ziegler (2016) stated morality is subject to the moral norms of a prescribed situation that is based on value judgments. Although these delineations are vague, moral and ethical dilemmas can be circumstantial. For instance, consider the act of stealing food. It is a sin and a crime, but when considered in the context of a father stealing food for his starving children because he cannot work abates adverse judgment.
While ethical responsibility may be an individual philosophical mantra, corporate society began to address this concern in the early 1900’s with the
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