Ethics And Prevention Of Childhood Obesity

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Practice Issue and Significance of Obesity management and prevention The practice issue in question is the management and prevention of childhood obesity. Obesity is defined as a body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to the 95th percentile (Lopez, 2016. p 243). This problem is highly influenced by factors such as lack of activity, high caloric intake more than what the body needs to function well. Childhood obesity is at alarming rate in the United States. It is one of the major public health concerns in this country. Based on research, evidence indicates that its epidemic is on the rise. This is more prevalent in children of low income families and the minorities. It was reported that obesity now ranks as the 5th leading risk …show more content…

The Institute of Medicine also proposed the role of healthcare providers in obesity prevention. (Quelly, 2014.p 198 ) Moreover, School nurses are also in the position to engage in obesity prevention. This is because they are often the only healthcare provider in schools. The role of school nurses in promoting a healthy environment and intervening with actual and potential health problems in schools cannot be overemphasized. School nurses have the knowledge and capability of promoting health in the schools where they work, thereby, engaging in childhood obesity prevention. The area that needs improvement is the promotion of healthy nutrition and physical activity in schools and homes. An environment that will support a modifying lifestyle behaviors should be encouraged, with the aim of preventing and curtailing childhood obesity. Schools and home-based interventions have to be initiated to help with this obesity epidemic in children. Those interventions should be focused more on nutrition, physical activity, school food services, healthy lifestyle education and parental involvement (Quelly, 2014.p 198). The Desired Outcome for Childhood Obesity Prevention The main causes of childhood obesity encompass poor diets, lack of exercise, and sedentary life - styles. Those root causes have to be strictly examined to find a solution. The lack of knowledge regarding proper diet , exercise, medical disorders or conditions, and the environment in which we live all

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