Ethics And Procurement Of An Organization

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Ethical is defined in a human perspective as a moral principle with the rule of individual or an organization recognized in respect of a particular class of human actions. Professionally it is seen as a principle, idea and attitude on “what is good or bad or right or wrong” that we need to control and practice in a professional approach. It does not only concern behaviour, but also what people think, the language they use, and their judgemental approach can influence the code of conduct in an institution or organization. In most cases, the choices people make divert their own well-being, and daily lives which may sound unethical.
In a business dictionary, procurement is defined as the act of obtaining or buying goods and services. This process includes preparation and processing of a demand as well as the end receipt and approval of payment. Procurement can also be viewed as the act of acquiring goods or services and works from an external source via a tendering or bid process.
Ethics and procurement as a single entity can be integrated into every aspect of the construction procurement process as a natural thought process. This paper illustrates how we can diffuse ethical practices in the construction industry and identify the ways in which these will encourage widespread cultural change.
Ethical procurement practices is the means in which to improve and provide an inter relationship of understanding and right of obligation among all parties involved in the procurement
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