Ethics And Product Consumption Of Coca Cola

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Ethics and Product Consumption Marketing is only one intricate facet for any company sustainability. There are six components for the marketing code of ethics, also known as “the six pillars” of marketing (6PM). The 6PM components includes: 1) caring, 2) citizenship, 3) honesty, 4) fairness, 5) responsibility and 6) respect. All these components separately play a significant part in the marketing code. Understanding how each element pertains individually and collectively to the success of a business can prove crucial to any organization longevity. The 125 years of operation has shown Coca-Cola (n.d) has been sustainable. One can easily observe the 6PM in the company’s vision (Figure 1), mission (Figure 2), and value core (Figure 3). The Coca-Cola Company initiated, developed, and implemented the 6PM methodology/ethics as part its corporate culture for continuous sustainability. Coca-Cola Caring Although people in the “mainstream” society purchase Coca-Cola products, the organization customers, range from small entrepreneurs to large international retailer and restaurants (Coca-Cola, n.d). Caring for the customer. The organization care, realize and acknowledge it customers continually tries to discover, Coca-Cola (n.d). … ways to reduce costs, improve sales and profits, and deliver better-quality, more diverse products to consumers. We work to create additional value for our customers by anticipating their demands and interest and to proactively deliver viable
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