Ethics And Professional Codes Of Conduct

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Ethics and Professional Codes of Conduct (Unit 10),
Trump won the president in this month. After two months, Donald Trump will be the official president. However, the concerns about his ethics is upcoming to everyone’s mind.
As we known, The Trump Organization runs a lot of business all around the US. When Donald Trump moves into the White House, he 'll be the most controversial president in America history. After Trump is the president, his business interest is related to the politic. But there is no law and rules that asks a president to split his financial interests before he takes the president position. In past few period, presidents got away from the business to avoid the conflicts. Trump has no way to put his real estate empire aside. Obvious, he would involve his business into the future politic policy.
Democrats aware this conflicts of the interest. But they can’t call official hearings. But they will keep the eyes on him. Also, if necessary, they can do investigations to avoid the conflicts of the interest.
In addition, Trump is expressing an interest in a major infrastructure plan, equal pay for women, and closing the interest tax rate. These acts could give him a benefits, but they are good for the country. The infrastructure plan, such as highway, could improve the people life. Tax plan keeps the money in our own pocket.
Another issue is
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