Ethics And Professional Legal Practice

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Solicitors are professionals who are under a duty to act ethically in society preserving what is expected of them in the community. Whilst carrying out their duties towards their clients, to avoid complications and misconduct the solicitors need to keep a correct balance between the interest of their client, their duties towards the third party, courts and to the public interest. The above statement explains the role of a solicitor, in which he/she can not be unaware of the impacts their actions can have on the courts, third party or public interest whilst carrying out their duties for their client. Therefore, a balance is to be maintained to achieve what is expected of a solicitor. This will now be discussed further looking in to the role of a solicitor, the guidelines they need to follow and how and whether solicitors are maintaining “a justifiable balance between the benefit of a profession achieves for society, and the harm it does”
A solicitor is a member of a profession. The public must be able to place a great deal of trust in them due to the work they carry out. Solicitors must be able to be trusted to act in the best interest of clients. Clients often seek advice from solicitors regarding many matters and money transactions. In concerning all this the client must be certain that the solicitor will provide honest advice and take every step to protect the client’s interest. Clients also seek advice on sensitive…
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