Ethics And Social Responsibility At Tk

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Ethics and Social Responsibility at TK Introduction I have evaluated and analysed the three options that TideeKleen has in ensuring ethical and corporate social responsibility and my advice is that they pursue Option C. Option A, and B are not viable because they propagate tendencies that are not only immoral but unethical. For example, Option B exhibits certain activities that may risk the lives of the people through the environmental hazards. The Freedom Coast proposal may expose the employees and community members to neurological impairments and risk of getting cancer. Option B cannot be a consideration that TK can opt for under the circumstances. Option A provides the continued stay of the old plan that has serious contamination issues. Option C is the most essential because it also considers the gradual closure of the old plant, while it ensures that employees continue to stay in employment and only faced out through retirement Kantianism Option C follows the ideals and principles of Kantianism. The ethical establishment of this theoretical framework is that moral duty should be considered not because of the consequences, but the benefits that are derived from a situation. The deontology theory is based the idea ‘that an obligation or duty is either right or wrong irrespective of the consequences (Seven Pillars Institute)’. What makes an action right or wrong is the extent to which it conforms to the moral norms of their society. As a result, an individual has
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