Ethics And The Canadian Nurses Association

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nurses are responsible for providing sound and safe care to their patients. To ensure this the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (2013) regulate Canadian nurses by providing appropriate practice standards to ensure competent and ethical nursing in British Columbia. Part of this mandate is for nurses to follow the Canadian Nurses Association (2008) ‘Code of Ethics’ that states, Canadian registered nurses, shall be upheld to a code of ethical values and performance to regulate professional “relationships, responsibilities, behaviours and decision making” (p. 2). Furthermore this ‘Code of Ethics’ outlines “professional standards, laws and regulations” to guide nurses towards an ethically sound practice (p. 2). Insight into the Canadian Nurses Association (2008) ‘Code of Ethics’ allows nurses to identify ethical issues, responsibilities and associated social justice that may affect another’s wellbeing and overall health, and act on them accordingly. This paper will outline a personal ethical practice dilemma. It will then break that problem down to analyse each step of the ethical issues in order to explore that dilemma using ethical language, terminology and a decision-making model to determine the importance of ethics and acting as a moral agent in Canadian nursing.
Code of Ethics
Ethical issues will indefinitely arise for nurses as they work in constantly changing, typically stressful and busy, work environments (Noureddine, 2001; Ulrich, et al., 2010). Nurses

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