Ethics And The Code Of Ethics In Schools

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Ethics in School

Ethics is a science that deals with the ideals involved in human conduct. In other words, it is the rules or standards, governing the conduct of a person or the conduct of the members in a profession. It relates to the social rules that influence a person to be honest while dealing with other people. The word “ethics” is originated from a Greek word Ethos which means character or manner.
Ethics are concerned with the moral actions of human beings. We can see the practice of ethics in almost every profession. In schools, ethics applies to the management board, administration, teachers and most importantly students. For each entity, a code of ethics is created either from within the educational institution, through professional organizations or by both. Here the code of ethics provides ethical standards that people associated with the school, as discussed above, are expected to follow in conjunction with each other as laid by the decision-making bodies. In India, the code of professional Ethics for School Teachers is followed as per the instructions laid down by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE).
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Schools are educational organizations and school administration and the education board of the school plays a vital role in managing ethics in school. The success of a school and the extent of reaching educational goal that depend on effective governance by the Principal of a school. The governance become effective when the teachers and the students follow the codes of ethics laid down by administration and the principal. Ethical codes also establish consequences for individuals that do not abide by school ethics policies. These policies are intended to create an atmosphere of trustworthiness, honesty, and good member of a community. We will now discuss in details about the Ethics in

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