Ethics And The Ethical Dilemma

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Answer 1) In general, Ethical dilemma occurs in every business field and in every area of work. Now speaking about the ethics in an engineering perspective we generally refers to code of ethics 2010 that was written for Engineers in Australia. But these are basically applied to all employees in engineering field. The four principles to be followed according to code of Ethics 2010 are 1. Demonstrate Integrity. 2. Practice Competently. 3. Exercise Leadership. 4. Promote Sustainability. Now let us see each of them in detail and apply it in an example of Ethical Dilemma in an Engineering perspective. 1. Demonstrate Integrity: Integrity deals with honesty and having moral values. So, as an engineer and managing Engineering Projects we should protect our Integrity i.e., we should we very honest in our deeds and be truthful to everyone we deal with. We should act according to others well being and provide great quality in project. 2. Practice Competently: Competently mean dealing the project in a skillful manner or with great expertise. so, we have to maintain certain knowledge while working on a project and also gain some knowledge from the project we are working on. When any situation arises we should act with the adequate knowledge we have. 3. Exercise Leadership: Leadership deals with managing the project in an efficient way with our experience. So, we have to use our reputation and trustworthiness of our engineering practice. We
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