Ethics, Arbitration, Battle of the Forms

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Journal Assignment 1: ETHICS

Accounting is the planning, recording, analyzing, and interpreting of financial information. It is a professional designation, which places the utmost emphasis on integrity and strong ethical standards. The decisions accountants make effect the decisions of others.
Ethics is not just a matter of being a good person. Good people can make bad decisions, and they do. To ignorantly believe that only “bad” people can be unethical is to not prepare for the inevitable situations we will encounter in our future jobs in accounting. It is over-optimistic thinking that we will not face ethical dilemmas. We face decisions every single day. Our ethical beliefs come into play for every one of these decisions. It is recognizing this fact allows us to be more aware of doing the wrong thing. Being aware of ethical biases and making the ethical choice for the small decisions allows these processes to be more ingrained and prepare us for larger decisions we may face and perhaps even help lead us on the more ethical path. Ethics takes practice.
As an employee in an office setting, there are small decisions made every day that should question our ethical behavior. Are we taking office supplies home? Taking longer than our allotted break time? Surfing the net instead of working? Now, if the answer is yes, we need to wonder, how did we rationalize these decisions? Stealing time and resources from your employer is wrong. Understand that rationalization is a
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