Ethics Are A Great Concern For Professionals

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Ethics are a great concern for professionals because a company 's behavior will have a strong influence on its reputation and its success. Moral issues arise in business when individuals face a decision that involves choosing between the right and the wrong. However, as simple as it may sound, making the right choice is not an easy task since moral law is not written down like legal law, and consequently each individual has its own view on the matter (Jenman, 2014). This is why firms implement ethical codes of conduct which have a strong influence on how employees act, since they will refer to it when facing a difficult decision. Moreover, making the right judgment similarly involves choosing between the firm 's interest, the shareholder…show more content…
Two main practices tend to recur in the profession. The first one comes from the fact that mortgage companies lend to businesses based on the property 's value which acts as a backup. If over valued, mortgage companies will find themselves with an asset that is worth less than they thought if when borrower goes bankrupt which puts their activity in jeopardy. Consequently, surveyors tend to undervalue properties in order to protect themselves as they would be responsible for this mistake. By doing so, they not only cover their back but also favor lenders against borrowers. Although most mortgage companies and developers probably take this into account, the issue here is that surveyors are not respecting the RICSs ethical code of conduct. The second issue that surveyors might face is when lenders try to approach them by giving them instructions concerning the valuation (, 2014) (Edwards and Pottinger, 2014). Therefore it is the surveyor 's role to refuse to do that and remain impartial. His role is to give his valuation in an objective way and not to favor any party (DABSON et al., 2007). But on the other hand surveyors can be asked to make tenants look better than they actually are to increase the value of property if he is approached by the seller. Transparency is another ethical issue that surveyors must face. They need to ensure that their work is
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