Ethics Are A Great Concern For Professionals

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Ethics are a great concern for professionals because a company 's behavior will have a strong influence on its reputation and its success. Moral issues arise in business when individuals face a decision that involves choosing between the right and the wrong. However, as simple as it may sound, making the right choice is not an easy task since moral law is not written down like legal law, and consequently each individual has its own view on the matter (Jenman, 2014). This is why firms implement ethical codes of conduct which have a strong influence on how employees act, since they will refer to it when facing a difficult decision.
Moreover, making the right judgment similarly involves choosing between the firm 's interest, the shareholder 's interest and one 's own interest. While all business sectors face those concerns, real estate professionals are very concerned by this problem as their reputation are among the worst along with oil and gas professionals (Financial Times, 2014). Therefore, this essay will try to determine what ethical issues might face professionals through the practice of commercial real estate.
Many different jobs exist in the real estate industry, including estate agents, developers, architects, builders, investment firms and surveyors to only name a few. But for simplicity matters, this essay will mainly focus on surveyors, agents and developers. Focusing on the individual 's point of view will provide a more accurate description of ethical issues…

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