Ethics Are A Very Important Thing To Consider In The Field

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Ethics are a very important thing to consider in the field of psychology. As potential future researchers and counselors, it is critical for us to know the ethical guidelines that we must live by and practice. Without any form of ethical guidelines, there would be no sense of security or safety inside of the workplace. We would not be able to provide our clients with the professional treatment that they deserve and are paying for.
In my personal experience, I have been to two different kinds of counseling/mental health practices. Once during my junior year of high school and again during my senior year. The first time I ever attended any type of “mental health/counseling” experience was in a group setting. I went to a church
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No one wants to come to therapy with their therapist, who clearly has not showered in days, is dressed like a slob, and has a messy room. This would immediately show huge signs of unprofessionalism. This can also go along with the definition of wrong professional behavior. Respecting clients is crucial, any form of sexual contact with a client is ABSOLUTELY WRONG, rude behavior, not listening to a client, being tardy, ignoring the client’s needs, being dressed unprofessionally, and the list can go on. I think a therapist needs to be polite, they absolutely need to respect personal space boundaries, and they really need to be in the now with a client. There are certain other nit-picky things that I might say are professional or unprofessional, such as dressing professional and being structured. Some clients need a little structure in the therapeutic setting and others might benefit from having the sessions be more sporadic. In my personal experience, because of the disasters in my family life and complete unstructured design, I requested a very formal and very structured therapeutic setting, too which my therapist ignored and purposefully gave me an unstructured setting as to bring up the anxiety that I felt. This was needed for me personally and in my book, was handled extremely professionally, even if I hated it.
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