Ethics Are The Foundations Of Society

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Ethics are the foundations of any society in which any group of organisms lives. From the dawn of social behavior in animals, the preservation of lives and well-being has been at the forefront of a population’s goals. This is because this method of survival works. We kept one another alive because we all wanted to stay alive. We treated each other with the dignity with which we wanted to be treated. However, we have come to a point beyond using only the base instincts we have to keep individuals alive for the sake of them living, regardless of the quality of the life. Ethics can now extend beyond surviving and into thriving and, ultimately, dying. We must now make the decision to let others decide for themselves what we would want to decide for ourselves. It is this line of reasoning that demands the United States government legalize voluntary euthanasia to retain any shred of ethicality. Researching anything like euthanasia from an ethical perspective is always a laborious undertaking, as there are countless views and opinions held by many different scholars. It goes without mentioning that ethics are often a personal set of beliefs, and that simply because an intelligent or well respected philosopher has made a statement about the nature of ethics does not make it true. Oftentimes, ethics cannot be gleaned from the writings or speeches of great minds, but only inspired by them; accordingly, the vast majority of this paper is original content with the reasoning of others
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