Ethics Are The Same As Personal Ethics

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Ethics are the rules of conduct we decide to live by. They are moral rules, though not necessary laws. Business ethics are the same as personal ethics.
An excellent company is not a technically and economically a right company, it’s also the one with social values, or a certifiable standard on ethical, social and environmental aspects.
The relation of law and ethics or morality are that many types of laws restrict inmoral practices. For example, one way to discuss that a law should be passed is to argue that the conduct the law is to govern is inmoral and seriously harmful to society. For example, racial discrimination was immoral befote it was illegal. Also child’s work abuses are unethical and that’s why they are illegal. Also in law not everything that is not ethic can be made illegal, for example, lying is not ethic but also isn’t illegal. We can’t equate law with morality. (Richard T. De George, 1986, p.15)
Business in a way that other human and social endeavors are not constrained. Ethics studies morality. Morality is a term used to cover those practices and activities that are considered importantly right and wrong; the rules that govern those activities; and the values that are embedded, fostered, or pursued by those activities and practices. (Richard T. De George, 1986 p.87)
“Business and morality are related in a number of significant ways that are ignored by the Myth of amoral Business. Some of these relationships are obvious, so obvious that we take them for

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