Ethics As A Complex Of Moral Precepts Essay

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Ethics in Enlisted Evaluations
Ethics: defined as a complex of moral precepts held or rules of conduct followed by an individual (, 2014). Non-commissioned officers and officers in the Army, find themselves facing ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. Some dilemmas are minute in nature, while others force Non-commissioned officers and officers into making questionable decisions. The Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report, or NCOER, is one of the most prevalent tests of ethical character, facing the enlisted rating chain. A leader’s failure in properly counseling a Non-commissioned officer accordingly will result in either a hastily generated evaluation or an evaluation the Non-commissioned officer does not deserve. The lack of effort on the part of the Soldiers rating chain to properly counsel, develop, and foster a Non-commissioned officers’ growth is unacceptable. Therefore, changes to regulatory guidance that one: forces the Soldiers rating chain to conduct required counseling sessions, and two: postures the sergeants major as an approving authority will circumvent the over-inflation of enlisted evaluations.
The Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report, Present Day Currently, a rater provides an initial counseling to a Non-commissioned officer, after a thirty-day assessment that outlines their duties, responsibilities, and expectations, followed-up by quarterly counseling’s over the duration of a year leading to their annual report. In the past,
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