Ethics As A Key Term Essay

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Johan Rivera
Liberty University
KEY TERM and WHY YOU ARE INTERESTED IN IT This paper will discuss ethics as a key term in cross boarder business. This topic is of interest because ethics are present in every day’s activities. For Christians, ethics is an important concept because it represents the image of the creator, God. As ambassadors of His world, Christians have the responsibility to edify others by living a moral and ethical life style. In the business field, the values and moral principles of individuals differ depending on their cultures and backgrounds. Due to the fact, when engaging in business, its is essential to demonstrate a consistent ethical behavior where mutual respect can be build. An individual should not have to compromise its values and moral principles in order to be able to engage in business practices with other individuals around the world.
EXPLANATION OF THE KEY TERM “Ethics is the study of morality and standards of conduct” (Satterlee, 2014, p. 51). It supports positive and truthful behavior and works as a guidance to determine what is morally correct or incorrect. Individuals acquired their personal values and moral principles by learning from their parents, education, and personal experiences. Due to the different backgrounds and personal preferences, organizations developed a code of ethics that establishes norms and rules that describes how an employee should behave and what are the expectation of the same when
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