Essay on Ethics Assignment

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Ethics Assignment
DeVry University
December 4, 2011

Ethics Assignment

What are the ethical considerations of this issue?
There are a few ethical issues here. First, are the healthcare providers avoiding the discussion of this option with the patients because they do not agree with it or see it as an immoral act? Second, why would the catholic hospitals not offer up the treatment as it does not match up with their religion does not agree with it? Either way, there is a moral issues with not offering up the prior treatment for any patient, yet alone a rape victim, as they have all ready had to deal with a traumatic event. It should be their decision, with proper knowledge, whether or not they
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Justice, which is where all patients are treated fairly. If a drug dealer comes in to the emergency room, after being shot, the staff would do everything possible to save his life, even if they did not agree with his life style. How is not offering the morning after pill to a rape victim any different?

If you were a judge in the Brownfield v. Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital case, would you agree with the other judge’s decisions? How would you justify this decision to the hospital or the rape victims?
I have to agree with the ruling, that the hospital should be held responsible for not providing adequate care to the rape victim. Even if they do not offer the treatment in house, it should have been a conversation, and a script written if needed. Withholding that information is a violation of their believes in caring for the sick and injured patient. Not to mention the ethical issue of justice for treating all of their patients equally.

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