Ethics Assignment

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Case 1: China’s tainted baby milk powder Q1. Given strong profit growth, has there been any damage to’s reputation? Yes, as we can see it from a whole picture obviously there has been damage to’s reputation. Ever since the incident happened, has been affected by rumors saying that it accepted the screen-out payments to protect a certain number of milk manufacturing company from online searches about the tainted milk scandal. This has made the company’s information appear unreliable. Even though the case of has not been made clear with lack of evidence, it is easy to realize that the company being paid off for not disclosing information and by advertisement placements, in a way that paid…show more content…
It would not be taken into account if were a small company with narrow scale, in this case, when the rumor has gone too far, it is time for to take action or it would be too late. All they need to do is to disclose company’s financial reports to public. By making things transparent, all financial activities will be displayed and the public will see it themselves if there is any unclean transactions were made. With this action, if the company did not do anything unethical, it will be the only matter of time that the company would gain back the trust from public. Q4. Governments throughout the world have been slow to react publicly to serious problems such as SARS, mad cow disease, and now melamine contamination. Who benefits and who loses because of these delays? Governmental follow-up has not been speedy ever since the investigation of melamine contamination was revealed. With these delays, the manufacturing companies that have been exporting milk power would make use of the time lag to clear their remaining stocks before the rumors go wild. As a result, these companies would not only earn expected profits but also be free from reputational and financial losses. The only group who suffers from these delays would be the buyers especially direct consumers. While the government takes a minute longer, we won’t know how many more “killing” products would be sold and consumed, and how many more people would be
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