Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis: Obligation Essay

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Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis: Obligation According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory [EAI] (Williams Institute for Ethics and Management [WIEM], 2003), "[My] ethical perspective is most likely to be based on obligation, and…least likely to be based on equity." In this paper, I will apply the results of this inventory to my personal and professional development, explaining how my educational experience has shaped my ethical thinking, addressing my use of ethics in thinking and decision-making, and discussing my potential for conflict in situations with people of different ethical perspectives. The EAI states that my ethical perspective is based on "…an individual's duty or obligation to do what is morally right…" (WIEM, 2003). In…show more content…
My solution to a problem, for instance, may be dismissed as a viable choice because it does not appear to benefit the company right now, even though it may be highly beneficial in the long-run. (WIEM, 2003) Further, if President Bush were able to run for re-election, I would likely vote for the opposing candidate because, ethically, I do not believe the decision to violate civil liberties by permitting the government to listen to and record private phone conversations in an attempt to thwart terrorists, albeit admirable in intent, is the means to achieving that goal. Professionally, my ethics have given me grief when facing someone of a different ethical stance. As the EAI states, "Defending [my] ethical perspective may result in economic hardship, e.g., a lost promotion or termination" (WIEM, 2003). Such was the case when a former coworker argued that Policy X was right because it benefited the company. I, however, felt Policy X did not benefit the employees working for the company, and our argument, though resulting in a policy change, also resulted in both of us losing eligibility for a pay raise due to our inability to resolve the conflict ourselves. The EAI is a terrific tool for summarizing the obligation-centered ethical point of view I have held for many years, and is remarkably good at explaining the pros and cons of my ethical perspective as well as addressing possible ethical dilemmas I

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