Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

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Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis GEN 480 Interdisciplinary Capstone Course I 4 April 2011 Dr. Joel Ginsburg Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis Ethics is important to everyone for the society as a whole. Whether it is in a person’s professional career or personal life, ethics and morals play an important role. The key to an organization’s success is the way they handle business ethically. Although it is not always simple to do the right thing, it is something that must be done. Conducting an Ethics Awareness Inventory is a way someone can learn how they as individuals see ethics; what is important to them the most, and what is important to them the least. I completed this inventory, and will discuss how it relates to my…show more content…
This is something that my mom and other family members instilled in me, not those that are educating me at a school for learning. When thinking and making decisions, I use my ethical beliefs wholeheartedly. I try and think before I do, this is something that my aunt always told me over and over…that, and think before I say. In today’s society with so many topics that are of sensitive nature to others, it is very difficult to believe that there are still those out in society that are not aware of others. My inventory summary suggests that I am most closely aligned with obligation. This makes sense; I do feel that is my obligation to ensure that my actions and behavior are ethical. I am least closely aligned with equity. Conflicts arise everyday regarding people feeling differently from how I feel, or how everyone else feels. This in my opinion is a fact of life. No one is always going to like you, no one is always going to agree with what you do or say. As a human being, one must however, not outright offend others, this is how you go around this conflict. As long as I am respecting others, being honest as best I can, taking all responsibilities that are mine and following thru with them, am fair to others and am a caring person, I am doing all that is required of me ethically. References (2011). Ethics Awareness: Overview. Retrieved from
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