Ethics - British Gas Essay

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[pic] Enterprise and Social Responsibility Academic Year 2010/2011 Question 1.1 Identify each of the stakeholders and how they are affected. What are the main harms and benefits in this case for the different stakeholders based on the current situation? |Stakeholders |Harm |Benefits | | | | | | | | | | | |…show more content…
The activities of Refining and Marketing include oil supply and trading as well as refining and marketing. Chemicals activities include petrochemicals manufacturing and marketing. In addition, the Company has a solar energy business which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of photovoltaic modules and systems. What are the issues? There are very few aspects of how a company behaves as a corporate citizen that do not apply to a company of the size and nature of BP. The most significant of these are the sheer environmental impact - not simply of the extraction of oil and the energy use of BP's own operation, but more significantly of the impact on climate change of the actual use of all the oil by BP's customers. The state of current scientific evidence raises serious question marks over whether or not human society can actually afford to burn all the hydrocarbons whose existence we have already identified - never mind potential future discoveries. Twenty years ago, people worried that one day the oil would run out. Now, it is the case that the real issue has been identified as one of emissions. A company with such extensive operations in developing countries also needs to carefully manage its approach to human rights, and ethical business practices. BP will have significant impact on local communities - both as a huge
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