Ethics Case: "A Good Team Player"

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Ethics Case: "A Good Team Player" 1) Describe the factual situation Steven, a staff accountant in the accounts payable section, is confident that he knows the “ins” and “outs” of the bureaucratic organization he works in. Kristin, a new manager of accounts payable, no non-sense type of manager, Kristin was experienced and determined to perform her new assignment with the same vigor that had brought her so much success throughout her career. Steven believes people seem to gain promotions and have the opportunity to work overtime based on who likes them rather than the quality of their work. As a result, Steven who is dissatisfied with what he senses are political machinations that have influenced managerial decision making within…show more content…
In the first option, Steven responding to Kristin's demands would be double-edged on a macro level because it would good for work quality in every company, but it also will be impact the team-spirit in our society. The society like a huge team, everyone have the role, create a better society need the teamwork, not just one person can finish it. From the company's point of view, if Steven responding to Kristin's demands could have both positive and negative affects too. I believe that the positive impact of increasing profits and decreasing the costs for company. And increase efficiency.The negative affects that the team-spirit will get damaged. It will impact "ethics culture"of the company. On the individual level, Steven maybe will get benefit from the boss because he provide some useful information to manager. Kristin will have more solution about this problem. For the fellow employees, they maybe get hurt from this things. From the view of stockholders of the company, profit would increase. In the second scenario, Steven refusing the Kristin's demand. The would have an impact on society as whole work efficiency during the working time. From the company's point of view, If Steven refusing the demands from Kristin that made company waste more time to improved their system for employees. Also, the company waste more money for hire bad team player. Individually, choosing this scenario , this
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