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The issue in this ethics case regards Greg’s decision on reviewing his group mate Natalie’s poor teamwork. This analysis explains how to address the issue from each of the five ethical decision-making approaches. Each approach provides different ethical actions that help lead to a right decision. Even though there are different ways to determine which approach to use in Greg’s dilemma, the best approach to use in this situation is the justice approach. In the ethics case “Picking Up the Slack” there are notable facts of Natalie’s poor behavior and actions that negatively affect her final group project with Greg. Natalie’s poor behaviors include not paying attention in meetings, arriving late or hung over to the meetings, and not taking…show more content…
Lastly, the virtue approach states that ethical actions must be consistent with certain ideal qualities that provide the full development of one’s humanity. Greg’s true character will be revealed based on the decision he makes on reviewing Natalie’s performance. Will his actions be consistent with his evaluations for the rest of his team? The virtue approach asks these types of questions to determine how a person has developed. Based on the facts of the case, Natalie’s poor team contribution put a huge burden on her group mates’ shoulders by not carrying her own weight. Natalie’s shared portion of the final project had to be redone by other members of the group. Natalie’s contribution clearly displays how much effort she put in. Of the five ethical approaches, Greg should follow the justice approach because it is fair to be graded based on how well a group can work together and achieve a common goal. Even though the professor will give each member the grade they deserve, Greg should make the decision of giving Natalie an honest evaluation. If Greg gives Natalie an honest peer evaluation, her GPA will be negatively affected. Since the ethics case didn’t state Natalie’s GPA, a conclusion cannot be drawn as to whether or not she will graduate on

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