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(Animals Were Harmed: Hollywood's Nightmare of Death, Injury, and Secrecy Exposed | Hollywood Reporter Exclusive, 2017

To begin The American Humane Association the grantor of the familiar “No Animals Were Harmed” trademark accreditation seen at the end of film and TV credits.
Has the many responsibilities that monitors on sets, they are protectors of animals, to monitor the welfare of the animals used in the production filmed, keeping the animals safe.
The article in this website talks about the different cases and examples that state the AHA are not protecting the animals at all, or monitoring them properly in keeping them safe. It turns out that audiences reassured
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(They all have insisted on maintaining their anonymity for fear of retribution.)
Covering things up for the directors because of publicity and press
Animal cruelty has been a fact of life on productions since the inception of Hollywood.
They are paid
The AHA frequently touts a 99.98 percent safety rating — meaning, almost 100 percent of the animals they monitor are not harmed. But the AHA’s internal critics insist the number is farcical, with no real statistical grounding.
AHA’s willingness to please the industry

Shared Agreement/Contract

With directors and crew
With the producers
SAG-AFTRA actors’ union and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers
(The IACF is endowed as part of the producer's’ obligation to the actors’
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