Ethics Case Study: CBHX 315 Healthcare Ethics

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Hannah Reilly March 14, 2018 CBHX 315 Healthcare Ethics While reading this particular case study, I noticed several ethical issues. Clinically the main issue that struck me was the fact that the clinic was not able to accommodate its patients. The example in the case study showed that a poor old woman would rather risk getting cancer, than go to the clinic for periodic mammograms. If this wasn’t enough of an issue, what makes it worse is the fact that the closest place where there is better equipment is 30 miles away and not easily accessible to these patients. Culturally/socially the main issue I saw was the embarrassment and humiliation these patients feel doing something that should be a routine and simple check up. A big legal dilemma that could be detrimental to the clinic is legally they…show more content…
The first one is to do nothing. There are many cons to this such as the unresolved problems of patient safety, employee safety, quality of care, and liabilities. This would leave patients at risk and not resolve the trauma they experience when getting routine testing done at the clinic. The pro to this may be that since it was brought up it could be a future implementation. The second strategy is to propose a fundraiser for the cause in effort to get better equipment. The pros to this are that it will allow there to be no budget cuts, and it could be a fun and successful activity to make a difference for the clinic. The cons to this are that you may not be able to raise enough money, and this could turn into a long tedious process. The third option would be to propose budget cuts because this problem is too important to ignore. The pros to this are that all of your problems would be resolved and the patients and workers will be much safer. The cons to this are that it could lead to employees losing jobs, or cut out funds in other important areas, and you could lose your job by going against your

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