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Brock Mason Brokerage firm had a number of noticeable issues that played close to fraudulent practices. The firm has an explicit strategy of selling their products first and all the other available products second. Such practice along with not spending a lot of time talking with customers, selling stock that is not in the best interest of the customers, false advertising, finding ways to elude disclosure of commissions, and withholding pertinent information from customers before selling the product sends the message of untrustworthiness and dismay to the customer. Most people search for a brokerage firm with the intent of building a strategic partnership to assist in making good financial decisions. Whether they need advice for…show more content…
In order to accomplish this, the firm must provide all the pertinent information at the time of decision making, not after the fact such as Brock Mason did in mailing the prospectus to its clients after a purchase. I feel that most of the time, when money is a part of the equation there is a high level of risk involved. I believe it’s true that it is not the money that is evil but the love there of. Possessing, making, and spending money are a way of life; combine that with a company whose sole interest is making money can lead to cheaters and thieves. Who’s really going to represent the customer when the business relationship turns vicious and volatile? It has to be the justice system.
I can’t imagine a world without justice, but the utilitarian principle fails to supports the need for a justice system. In an attempt to identify what is morally right for a society it ignores justice a criteria. The underlying idea is that if you seek the greatest output (i.e., selling stock) with the least amount of cost (to Brock Mason) it will promote the greatest happiness over the less efficient act (underselling the customer). With all of the efforts put forth in promoting happiness, the majority (Brock Mason) in this case, spend much of the time eluding justice and what is right; while laws and regulations attempt to reduce
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