Ethics Case Study Essay

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Ethics Case Study Nurses are faced with ethical issues and dilemmas on a regular basis. Nurses must understand his or her values and morals to be able to deal adequately with the ethical issues he or she is faced with. Some ethical issues nurses are exposed to may be more difficult than others and the ethical decision making process is learned over time. The purpose of this paper is to identify the ethical issues in the case study provided in the week one assignment. A discussion of how to use ethical principles to address the issues presented in the case study will be covered within the paper. A description of conflicts of this nursing student’s personal values and the ethical principles applied in this case study. The paper will…show more content…
Compassion and respect is another ethical principle that a nurse must show for others that he or she comes into contact with, including the mother if suspected of child abuse. The personal values of this nursing student would first suspect child abuse especially if the child has bilateral fractures of the femur. Abuse toward others is not tolerated in this author’s personal life. Respect for others is another value of this nursing student. Though showing this respect toward others is difficult at times when faced with patients and families who continually show a lack respect for themselves and others. Respect for this eighth month old child is easily done, but to put aside personal basis and continue this respect toward the mother if abuse is the cause of the injuries may be difficult. Responsibility for ones own actions and owning up to those actions is a value of this nursing student. This author attempts to treat others fairly, equally, and the same way that she (this author) would like to be treated. These personal values are difficult to practice at times when others that this nursing student comes into contact do not have similar ethical values. If this scenario happened in an outpatient clinic or urgent care center and there were physicians who were more dedicated to patient safety a report to child protective services may have been made regarding the child’s injuries. This child deserves to have her rights observed and
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