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Ethics Case Study Jerry McCall is an office assistant for Dr. William’s. Jerry has received training as both a medical assistant and Licensed practical nurses (LPN). During the time the receptionist is out to lunch Jerry is covering for her. Jerry is faced with a common problem in the health care field today. Jerry has been asked to call in a refill for Valium to a pharmacy for a patient. This paper will address why Jerry is not qualified to refill any prescription medication. If Jerry is protected if a lawsuit is filled. Jerry’s decision is a tough one, legal and ethical issues and advice will be provided for Jerry’s use. Jerry has received training as a medical assistant and a LPN and has gained knowledge about prescription drugs.…show more content…
Knowing more about the choice Jerry made and what type of malpractice insurance he carried would help to answer the question (if a lawsuit is filed would Jerry be protected?). For anyone in Jerry’s shoes it is hard to take advice and feel that the outcome would be for the best interest of the organization. Jerry needs to understand that he could lose his job and nursing license. Jerry should explain to the patient that he is not allowed to refill prescription medication and he should explain to the patient that he is also that the aware of the situation that he is flying out of town. Jerry should tell the patient that by making sure that he or she was prepared for travels ahead of time. After Jerry gets off the phone with the patient, he should go see Dr. Williams and explain to Dr. Williams what happened between the patient and himself. In conclusion if more health care professionals put into practice the concept of non-maleficence which is embodied by the phrase, to "first, do no harm," or in the Latin, phrase “primum non nocere (McGraw Hill Science and Technology Dictionary2011).” If more health care facilities considered non-maleficence to be the main or primary consideration (“to done harm”) taking in consideration that it is more important to protect all patients for their safety and wellbeing instead of enthusiastic practitioners being more prone to using treatments that they believe will do the most

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