Ethics Case Study

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Ethics Case Study Ronda Butman University of Phoenix Health Care Ethics and Social Responsibility HCS 335 Nicovich November 26, 2010 Ethics Case Study In today’s health care culture some individuals are presented to undertake unlawful medical actions based on personal guidance; however, ethical and legal issues effect one’s actions if he or she is not qualified to make such decisions. The case of Jerry McCall is an example of such a scenario in today’s health care environment. Although Jerry is trained as a medical assistant and a licensed practical nurse (LPN), this does not give him the authority to prescribe any form of medication to any person for any reason. The scope of Jerry’s training will allow him to take…show more content…
Organizations oftentimes use different examples to enforce possible mistakes occurring within the company. Meetings, conferences, training sessions and other means of insightful education of the laws and ethical obligations of one’s job will eliminate any future doubt of what is allowed in the office, hospital, or anywhere an individual will come in contact with patients. Although many health care individuals are delivered with difficult decisions in ones working environment, instilling ethical and lawful standards in the scope of one’s job description and duties may eliminate ramifications of legal actions. References Davant, Charles, IV. 2002. "Employer Liability for Employee Fraud: Apparent Authority or Respondent Superior?" South Dakota Law Review 47 (fall): 554–582. Dong, D. Pharm. D. (2007) Pharmacy & drug enforcement agency laws and regulations. Retrieved December 1, 2010 from /pharm_drugenforcement.ppt Moore, C. RN. (2010). Professional Accountability. Retrieved November 17, 2010 from
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