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The Ethics Code is intended to support us in differentiating between suitable and deplorable behavior in regards to all individuals. When working with adolescents and children, the guidelines become a little more ambiguous. Adolescents require consent from a legal guardian in most cases to seek treatment, but confidentiality permits some information discussed from being released to the parent that requested the treatment. When working with youth the primary focus can include not only the ethical decision, but the legal and moral decisions, as well. In the article Vocal Cord Operation on a Constantly Screaming Autistic Teen there is reference made to Standard 3.10, informed consent. This article talks about a child named…show more content…
We are to presume that an irate, nervous adolescent has brought a handgun to school where he has taken a classroom full of student’s captive. The principle has called in a SWAT team that devises to raid the classroom; marksmen center their laser sights on the armed youth. Now, presume that a psychologist employed by the police department consults with the parents of the captor. Based, alone, on the information collected from the parents, the psychologist contacts the hostage taker by means of a cell-phone, endeavors to create a bond, asks questions, and involves the teen emotionally. Due to the deliberate efforts of the psychologist, the teen eventually becomes distracted and briefly puts down his firearm, permitting the SWAT team to rush in and neutralize the captor. In a series of flawless situations this would be the outcome every time, but what if the exertion to have the firearm put down does not work? The psychologist would have to choose whether or not to change gears and entice the hostage taker into a SWAT shooter’s sights. When focusing on the weaknesses of this article I find it lacks substantial detail when describing the hostage situation. I felt that there were several missing details that would have been useful for furthering the debate on when the standard to avoid harm would be tested. At the same time I felt that Gerald

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