Ethics Code Of Professional Ethics

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Abstract. The article reviewed was Possible Ethical Issues and Their Impact on The Firm: Perceptions Held by Public Accountants. The abstract demonstrates the importance of AICPA’ “Code of Professional Ethics” and its components, and the influence of management perceptions on firms’ ethical environment (p. 919).
Introduction. The authors study business ethics, compliance with ethics code, ethical issues, and ethical behavior of company management. The researchers concern with ethical believes of company employees and executives, and growing number of legal proceedings due to ethical issues. The ethics code help professionals maintaining independence and great performance. The research aims to examine the impact of ethical dilemmas and unethical behavior on company operations (p. 919). The study is important because it analyzes the influence of accountants’ perceptions and their unprincipled behavior on business performance. The authors consider two problems: implications of unethical behavior and why the ethics is criticized.
Literature Review. The authors use a systematic review of literature in the research. The researchers examine studies of Frankel (1989), Backof and Martin (1991), and Beets (1991) to review the history of the progression of ethics in accounting industry. The accounting as other professions has its own ethics framework. The history of accounting profession demonstrates that competence, integrity, and independence always were essential to have a
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