Ethics Development Essay

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Ethics Development Ethics guide the decision-making and actions of an individual. More extensively, collective employee ethics shape the direction of a company. This document will explore sources of ethical influence, both for individuals, and organizations. It will further explain the need for ethics at an organizational level, how those fit in with directions and goals of an organization, and finally conclude with the effect both individual and organizational ethics have on society.
Personal Ethics People find themselves facing questions with negative and positive consequence each day. At each stage of life, an individual faces ethical questions, “Is it acceptable to cheat on a test? Or, cheat on a tax return? How about committing
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Sponsors like Gatorade and Accenture dropped the sports legend, believing his transgressions reflected poorly on their products. Other public battles with personal ethics include those of celebrities John Mayer, Michael Richards, and Don Imus. Each used racial slurs that spurred public outcry and hurt their respective careers.
Ethical Influences on Individuals “All of us belong to organizations. We’re members of schools, fraternities, sororities, clubs, sports teams, religious organizations, and work organizations” (Nelson & Trevino, 2007, chapter two, p. 2). Ethical influences are everywhere, and develop from the earliest stages of upbringing. Ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, generation, class, and family background are just some of the elements that will shape identity, values, and beliefs. Ethical systems are the summation of group dynamics and personal values, and become the ideology a person uses to steer personal decision-making. Nelson and Trevino explain their individual decision-making process: individual differences and bias meshed with awareness and judgment, begets behavior (Nelson and Trevino, chapter two, 2007, p. 19). Awareness to, and judgment of, issues can change as an individual matures and experiences more socially. As the
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