Ethics Dilemma Essay

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Ethical Dilemmas
Debra Lohmeyer
February 11, 2013
Barbara Scheibe

Ethical Dilemmas
The Allen family presented in the simulation has several health issues they deal with individually that contribute to the family unit. Clifford struggles with depression that he does not want to have documented or take medications for out of fear. Pam is the glue of the family; she keeps the home functioning and has not worked outside the family because their son was born with Down’s syndrome. Her time is spent caring for him and the home. She has a history of endometrial cancer and has gone 14 months without a check-up. Gary is an active special needs young man, he holds a job, participates in Special Olympics and Scouting. The family
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The medical record did raise some questions about the nursing documentation because it falls under the ethical principle of veracity, truth telling (Guido, 2010, p. 8). The 1945 entry does not include the amount of morphine given. The 0030 entry does not give a description of the CBI color when this has been assessed and documented on previous shifts, how would a change be reflected. The 0500 entry indicates pain was assessed, does not indicate a pain score and also states the patient was asleep and this is contradictory. The documentation for Wednesday does not indicate a pain score but pain medication documentation indicates it was given. The documentation of CBI does not appear and no mention of the CBI as discontinued status was indicated. The lack of documentation indicates a violation of fidelity, duty to keep promises or commitments because correct documentation is a duty of nursing when providing accurate care (Guido, 2010, p. 5, 8-9).
The family experiences more dilemmas when Pam is diagnosed with colon cancer. She does not want to worry Clifford, so she does not elaborate when she does not feel well. The necessity of surgery and the resultant colostomy are difficult for both Pam and Clifford to deal with. They also must decide to accept treatment with Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy. In this situation using an ethical decision making model would assist them in arriving at a decision. During the Be Attentive phase all the priorities
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