Ethics- Do the Right Thing

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1. Spike Lee intended us to conclude that violence is not an answer for any problems. In this case, the character, Da Mayor, would be a classic example of how problems should have been solved. He could have intended us to conclude that by resorting to violence in any situation, the consequences that we would have to face will not be very favourable and it could lead to more problems instead of solving the current situation. It is always better to nip the problem from the bud, instead of letting it grow and allowing it to torment everyone. 2. In moral subjectivism context, Mookie did the right thing, as he was enraged by the death of, Radio Raheem, a fellow black man, and so did everybody else. However in this case, everybody was…show more content…
People in this neighbourhood were more comfortable within their own comfort zone and each ethnicity always felt superior to the other, which is a reason for constant friction between them. 5. Yes, there can be different moral rules for different ethnic and cultural group. Different ethnic and cultural groups are from different roots and upbringing. Therefore it is natural for each group to have their own set of rules and belief. The trick is to accept each and other’s differences and learn to respect and live along with it, instead of disrespecting and discriminating. However amidst all these, there can be a universal moral code among everyone, to allow everybody to have a common ground to mingle with. 6. In this movie, Spike Lee does present some of his characters as stereotypes. For example, Pino in this movie, is a staunch Italian who dislikes living in the neighbourhood where the majority are blacks. He cannot bring himself to embrace the blacks and their way of life in the neighbourhood. Most of his characters are usually stereotypical against other ethnicity in the neighbourhood. However he does have characters, such as Da Mayor, who embraces and accepts everybody as they are. Spike Lee could have presented his characters in such a manner to portray to the general public, the reality of living in a multicultural neighbourhood. He might
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