Ethics, Emotional Intelligence And Generational Differences

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In class we have discussed articles on Ethics, Emotional Intelligence and Generational Differences in Managing Individuals, I began analyzing my own work experiences and the roles these aspects play in my life. Below is my reflection on how the three aspects are interrelated with each other. From generation to generation values are passed down from our parents. Out of those values, we learn what is ethical and unethical. It is the simple moral principles we live by that also impact our human emotions on what we feel and believe in that is right or wrong. We bring these values that we inherited, with us in the work place. Generational Differences: My view as a manager on Generational Differences is that flexible and patient is a must with it comes to certain individuals that are generations after me. Even generations before me. I have to find creative ways to motivate and encourage people to perform and complete job requirements on time. This requires me to find a balance between and increase my level of understanding on the generational differences. However, what is most shocking is that the simplest tasks you assign an employee seems to be much more difficult. I have to learn to become more resourceful and develop new strategies to assist employees with accomplishing certain requirements. In the past working with both younger and older employees operating under the conditions of both McGregor’s Theory X and Y, and a mixture of Theory Z. Meaning an employee can be
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