Ethics: Environmental And Ethical Dilemma Of Blue Jeans

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Introduction: Blue Jeans The consumer product chosen that I like is Levi’s blue jeans. They are very comfortable for daily wear, it’s very durable and has long life. Jeans can be generally worn in any climate and suitable for most of the events that happens in our day to day life. While being a comfortable wear, jeans are also good example of aesthetic design and in terms of fashion, it’s always in trends of style. Being such an iconic product in the market for fashion industries and product I love to wear, it also come with downsides regarding environmental, safely and ethical dilemma. Environment and safety: Textile industries in general has huge impact on our environment. As jeans being one of the most popular product, it has one of the highest environmental impacts. Here, I will briefly…show more content…
As the demand for jeans is high, there a need for high supply so most of the manufacturers choose a route which make them save more by compromising the quality and misuse of harmful chemicals and care less about our environment. Above that they want to find the cheapest workers and sometimes being exploited due to its working conditions and threaten the workers' lives due to the harmful chemicals. There is huge amount of toxic materials involve in its life cycle. These issues are critically ethical problems. Fortunately, companies like Levi’s and other organisation have started committed to decrease or minimise the environmental damage in the production of jeans. Levi’s have ditched the sandblasting method and adopted sustainable ways of manufacturing jeans. They encourage to reduce water footprint, recycle, reuse. According to study, it takes about 7600 L of water to make a pair of jeans, but now Levi’s jeans decreased to 2835 L of water which is a lot of saving when the production is in that scale. Technology and engineering,

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