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Ethics In Nursing
Rayda M. Garcia
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Ethics In Nursing The study of ethics, or applied ethics, is necessary for healthcare professionals who often face dilemmas that are not experienced by the general population. The fast-paced growth of medical technology has made the study of ethics even more relevant. The study of bioethics, or biomedical ethics, refers to moral dilemmas due to advances in medicine and medical research. Since medical law and ethics are often interrelated, nurses need to have a clear understanding of both in order to protect themselves, their employer, and the patient. Nurses as one of the health service providers and members in health system who are responsible for giving care to the clients and patients based on ethical issues (Jhonstone, 2004) They need ethical knowledge to conduct their appropriate function to manage situations and to give safe and proper legal and ethical care in today 's changing world (Chitty & Beth, 2007) With regard to practical care, they always try to answer the question of “What can I do?,” whereas they should try to answer what is essential to be done for the patients in the context of ethical principles (King & Broom, 2002). Ethics seek the best way of taking care of the patients as well as the best nursing function (Abaszdeh et. al, 2002). The Patient Bill of Right adopted by American Hospitals Association states that a patient possesses the right to be informed of the medical

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